will a dumpster damage my driveway?


Concrete driveways can crack under the stress of a heavy dumpster or the big trucks that transport them.

Learn the four simple tips to minimize the risk of damaging your driveway or property during the dumpster rental process.

This quick guide will show you how to reduce the risk of driveway and property damage caused by roll-off containers or heavy trucks, as well as how to handle the rare situations where damage does occur.

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Step 1

This is the best way to avoid driveway damage.

Some dumpster rental companies will do this for you, but not all, so always ask.

Using plywood beneath the steel feet or wheels of the dumpster provides a cushion between the dumpster and the driveway, preventing driveway scratches and cracks.


Step 2

Abide by the dumpster rental provider’s recommendations of how high to fill the dumpster based on the type of debris.

This is critical when loading heavy debris, such as concrete, dirt, brick, or roofing shingles.

Exceeding the fill-height recommendation can quickly add thousands of pounds of weight, which puts a strain on your driveway.

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Step 3

This may or may not be permitted in your city or town.

If it is allowed, it’s likely you would need to obtain a dumpster permit since the container would be placed in the public right-of-way.

Ask your dumpster provider if this is an option

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